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Thread: How do you sleep with your plushie(s)?

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    Default How do you sleep with your plushie(s)?

    So, I recently tried to sleep with a rabbit plush that I've had for a while, but it wasn't all that comforting for some reason. The rabbit is pretty small (a bit bigger than average beanie baby size) and I was wondering if that's why it was odd, or if I just wasn't in a good "plushie sleeping" position.

    So I'm wondering; how do you sleep with your plushie(s)?

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    Mostly giving him a huggle tucked under my chin or maybe off to the side with head on my shoulder, much as he is being huggled right now. Sometimes I wake up with a dead arm if i have been snuggling too tightly but mostly its ok. If you don't want to huggle you could just nuzzle. I think maybe you need more, bigger plushies though too.

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    It sometimes comes down to the size of the plushy. Too small and you can end up sleeping on top of them, which can be very uncomfortable (for you and the plushy!). Too big and it's difficult to get a good snuggle position to fall asleep in and there might not be enough bed left for you to actually sleep in. Something roughly half the size of you can be a good bet

    I sleep with various plushies on a sort of rotating rota - always sleep better snuggling one of them

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    Well, it varies. I have most of my plushies (except my big teddy,Junior) surrounding me. With Junior it varies though. Like somedays I can sleep with him tucked under my chin but other days I don't like to hold him,but I find it soothing to hold and stroke his ear while I go to sleep.

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    Most of my snuggling plushies are 30in long as a beanie baby are to small to snuggle

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    I could see a difference if you had a bigger plush. For me though, my plushy Tadd is 1 foot in length, so he isn't very big either. I plan to eventually get a bigger one, but I'll always keep Tadd very close with me.
    As for the sleeping on top of him, I have always been very aware at night time as to where my plushy is, I'll wake up occasionally, and my first thought in the middle of the night is to check where Tadd is. Sometimes i'll find him a little bit wedged, and other times i'll find that he jumped to the ground, but i'll always make sure that before i go to sleep, he is comfortably with me again, it makes having a plush much more fun when you are taking care of them.
    Also I don't know if it is a little odd, but i've always liked to use my shirt as a kind of carrier pouch, sometimes i'll do this when i'm sleeping, and sometimes when i am doing something (like right now). Tadd's head and paws will stick out the neck of my shirt while he gives me a big sleepy Tiger hug. I think it makes me feel very close with my plushy, along with the fact that I can cuddle with him easily using my head and cheek.

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    Much, much better. I usually donīt sleep very well, but with my favourite plushie by my side I can sleep like...well, like a baby ^^

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Photo of Ted taken when me and mommy went to visit daddy seaside.
    As you can see he is not a small bear but is just right for huggling at night. I have found smaller teddys that there is nothing to hug and can't get comfy...

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    Thanks everyone! I'll definitely have to look into getting a bigger plushie~
    It really should have been more obvious now that i think about it; my arms were rather contorted around the small dude.

    Oh well, looking forward to having a great cuddling friend at night

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    I've had the same tiger for probably 15 years now, so it's turned into an art form

    Usually hug him under my chin with an arm between the front paws. Not quite sure how to explain it lol.

    Bigger plushies are great, I want my fiancee to get me a 42" teddy bear I found!

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