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Thread: Abena M4 $7 per pack!!! Brisbane - Australia

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    Unhappy Abena M4 $7 per pack!!! Brisbane - Australia


    Just found this on Gumtree: ABRI-FORM PREMIUM ADULT INCONTINENCE PADS WITH TABS | Stuff For Sale | Gumtree Queensland.

    Too bad I live too far away to take advantage of this !! 350 M4 diapers for $175. That is bloody cheap (about 1/4 the price normally charged in OZ)! Hopefully someone in the Brisbane area can take advantage of this.

    So anyone else here ever been unable to take advantage of an insane deal??

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    God damn it! i check gumtree every now and again, but they never have anything good. :/ Stupid WA.

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    I believe those are actually incontinence pads

    MED 4- 80 X120CM - 6 Brand new cartons -25 packs with 14 pads in each (350) especially used for persons bed bound or quite disabled.

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    I think they mean diapers. It says med 4 (m4), 80 tot 120 cm (which is size m), the abri-form m4 are indeed packed 14 pieces a pack and 4 packs a carton, while insert pads are 30 a pack.

    Be careful before you buy. They may be cotton feel because it says these are "premium" incontinence pads.

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    I would still buy them if they were the premium ones. So incredibly cheap. They retail for around 40 bucks a pack from memory.

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