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    So I was ordering Bambino's for awhile. But I started noticing that when I would wet them the wet beads that make up the stuffing would be all over me. What a pain to get out of the short and curly's. My girlfriend also didn't want to have any diapered sex with me covered in beads. So I stopped ordering them.

    When I first started ordering them they didn't do this at all. Anybody know what happened and/or if they have resolved this problem?

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    I wouldn't say it's the diaper's fault. Too much activity, or simply being in a wet one for a long period of time will do that. Haven't worn too many brands myself but I'm guessing that sort of thing will happen with just about any brand of diaper.

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    I've never had that problem with most any other diaper. I have had the stuffing in a Molicare separate but not bead up. Depends just leak all over the place. Abriforms never gave me any issues at all. I like a nice heavy wet diaper and I like to sit in it for a bit. But the Bambino is the only one that ever got it's insides all over me.

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    yeah they'll do that especially if theyre soaked to the maxed and you move around a lot. I don't stay in them when theyre that wet very long. But I stay in a not too wet one for quite awhile and no problems.

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    It seems to be a combination of the large amount of sap they use and the open weave of their inner liner. If you take a close look at the inner liner, it has very large pores in it, big enough for sap beads to get through. It's easier to see around the sides where the leak guards are. Every high-sap diaper will have lots of beads of sap running around in the padding, but bambino's liner lets them escape the padding area and stick on your skin.

    I don't see this issue much with other diapers though.

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    I had issues with a lot of SAP or gel beads getting on my skin with the last revision of Bambino diapers. I attributed it to the fact that they had pores in the liner that opened up when wet (haven't seen any other diaper with an inner liner like this), letting the SAP through. Since they started manufacturing them on new equipment a few months ago and changed the design a bit, I haven't had an issue. I don't think the liner holes are as big, if they are even there at all.

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    Hmmm... I just started wearing the teddies very recently, but haven't had any issues. Granted, I don't stay in soaked padding for very long, but they've been perfect thus far.

    As Tygon mentioned, maybe this new production line had solved the problem.

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    I noticed this as well and while it wasn't a deal-breaker for me, I didn't care for it. The Secure X-Plus on which Bambinos are based didn't have that problem and when I hit the end of my current case, I was considering going back. However, when they started touting their recent changes and people talked about sizing differences, I ordered a new sample. Obviously that's a very small sample set but I didn't notice leakage of SAP beads.

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    Well if they have changed things and the problem is resolved I'm definitely going back to them!

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    I certainly didn't have any SAP problems with the before teddys, Biancos time period (whenever the smalls were discontinued)...hoping to try the newest soon though.

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