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Thread: meow, its catty, have ap

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    Default meow, its catty, have ap

    yay the site is back up so i made a thread, im an oldbie so dont get confused but anyway im gonna go start my all time favorite game thread confuscius says so hello and welcome back oldbies, and welcome here newbies

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    You're not that old... unlike me. *Wobbles around on walking stick before falling over and snapping his hip*

    Ah gawd-dangit!

    (It's actually oldie, not oldbie)

    Humphrey Sez: Yay! more people are visiting!

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    of course you havent, i had to make it up, i found it rather entertaining to make a word that was the oppisite of newbie

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    Heh, it made me cofused at first untill I got it, lol.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kraiden View Post
    Not just a mod...

    A SUPER Mod!

    *Poses like Superman*
    *cries* My shiney bold purple username is gone. I'm only a Super Mod while I used to be HyperMod. :p Now that I've gotten the drama bit behind me...*pats the little cat(ty) and gets a saucer of milk for him*


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