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Thread: Best pull up style diaper?

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    Default Best pull up style diaper?

    What are the best adult sized pullup style diapers?

    Are the Depend and Attend pullups any good?

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    Nope! They stink for absorbency :P
    Most pull-ups are pretty suckish, but Abena Abri-flex seems to be decent.

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    Abena Abri-Flex are the best I've tried in terms of fit and absorbency, but like everything Abena makes, they have a sterile, clinical look to them. That's why I like Goodnites - they have good leak guards, they're absorbent enough to take a heavy wetting if you're a little careful, plus they have those cute prints! Only bad thing is that they are intended for kids, so they fit an adult a bit awkwardly...

    It is, of course, all up to your personal preferences and priorities - absorbency, fit, looks. Of course, if you need something with tons of absorbency, you're never going to find that in a pullup - that's just not what they're meant for.

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    Any cloth type really. As long as you wear plastic pants or so.

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    Thanks for the replies. I'm aware that pullups aren't as absorbent, I guess I'm looking for something more convenient to wear and not for absolute maximum protection.

    I'm probably too big for goodnites. Would you say that depends or attends are a total waste of money, or are they just not as good?

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    I agree with most people here, pull ups suck no matter who is making them. With that said however, abena is going to be the best of the bunch in terms of absorbancy. They ride very high and are frilly to the nines, but they will hold more than most without a stuffer.

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    The abenas are by far the best pullups I have tried, but yeah you have to be VERY careful wetting any pullup to avoid leaks. I have never had any luck with a pullup for nighttime use either. Thing about the Abenas is that they have a lot more padding than say, Depends pullups, and they must have a lot of SAP in them too cause they swell like crazy when wet and can be pretty bulky under your pants. So I guess my point is, if you're looking at that level of protection then you might as well just wear a "real diaper" like maybe a Depends Max or Abena M3, which will have about the same concealability, but function better. There is one other feature of pullups that can be good though, they are near-silent, there is no crinkle to them. The noise issue has never been an issue to me though, the only time I think it could be is in a quiet house at night or any other setting like that. A simple solution to that is just to wear a pair of underwear over your diaper that will hold it snug so it can't move around and crinkle so much.

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    Thanks. I'm not looking for real maximum protection or a 'real' diaper. I have those already and sometimes I just want to wear pullups.

    Out of Attends, Depend, and Prevail which are the best pullups? I'll try looking into abenas as well, thanks.

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