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    Hi I am newbie to this site but been around other sites for years, not sure if I am allowed to name other sites here but I use the same user name on all the AB sites I go to.
    Been getting board with the old sites and not using them like I used to and all people and friends I used to chat to seem to have gone as well so started to look for new sites and found this one that looks well put together and has had some time thought and energy put in to it.
    With a bit of luck I might find some old friends and make some new ones here as well.
    Few things about me ...mmmmmm... let see.... er. AB age about 2 to 3. I do have a mommy (girlfriend) who lives with me.
    Real life hobbies. Walking and camping and outdoor stuff if British weather lets me as don't like getting rained on.. lol. used to like fishing but not been for a while, will have to try harder next year if we get a summer. Going gym and keeping fit. Fixing things but would not say this was a hobby but it seems to take up most of my free time. If I am not fixing something at home then family, friends or girlfriends parents will have something that needs looking at.


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    Welcome to the site, AJ.

    I like hiking and camping as well, though the rest of my family doesn't, haha.

    I hope you enjoy the site, and make some new friends.

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