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    I just found out that in the near future, my wife is going to have to be away for 2 weeks. Even though she knows I am TG and AB, these are not something she is ready to help with. She mostly id ok with it but does not participate. She also does not know that a lot of my stuff exists. Additionally she does not realize many of my plastic panties and onesies for example have baby prints on them. When we were quite young she lost her eyesight.

    In fact the reason she will be gone is to train with a new guide dog as hers died this past summer.

    This is exciting for me as I am going to spend 2 weeks totally as an 18 month old sissy girl! I always wet my diapers but while she is gone, the toilet will be totally off limits. I will not only be wetting my diapers but will be filling them as well. I will drink only from baby bottles and eat only items labeled "Gerber".

    I have lots of AB sissy clothes including dresses but have ordered another dress, a shorts/top outfit and another romper. I am looking for one more dress to get. I will be wearing nothing but sissy baby clothing during this time except when I have to go to the store or something. I am planning to keep those trips to a minimum.

    I would be very interested in your ideas of what I should do then. I will be taking lots of pictures and would be interested in poses that might be intersting to others.


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    Default Awesome Ideas!

    I wish I could be a baby girl for two weeks.......

    Here are some things I would do.

    1. You should watch Nick Jr. like Dora the Explorer and stuff because nobody is around you can respond to all the characters on the screen and do the dances and such.

    2. Take longs baths and play with toys in the bathtub. Oh and bubble baths too, Omg those used to be so much fun. Personally I love baths and it is for this reason that I acquired a two piece bathing suit and swim diapers!

    3. Drink chocolate milk from baby bottles and sippy cups. I don't like regular milk but chocolate milk is yummy!

    4. Coloring Books with crayons. Who doesn't like coloring?

    5. Nursery Rhyme cd's and such. They're really fun.

    I Hope that gives you some ideas

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    Play-doh, Blue's clues (STEVE ONLY!), coloring, arts &crafts with construction paper/safety scisors etc., play with plushies, things like that. I like to spread a blanket out on the floor as a sort of "play area" and i lay on it when i'm drinking from my bottle and playing with my toys and such. Hope you have fun!

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