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Thread: Black diaper by Buntewindel

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    Default Black diaper by Buntewindel

    This is the germany company which makes Fabine diapers and it looks like they have a few new diapers. Anyone heard of them or know where to get them in the US?

    Some new products from Buntewindel (Fabine Black and Fabine Safety Plus) My ABDL Life

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    I don't think I could buy a black diaper. I would have too hard a time shaking the feeling that I was wearing a makeshift diaper backed with a garbage bag. The other print looks ok. Pity they had to scribble a URL on the Fabines.

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    That looks badass.

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    That looks like something off of American Horror Story. The second one does look very nice though.

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    A black Diaper ??!!?? Kewl.. something to try to hide under white pants

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    Eh........... You see one of the reasons I like to wear diapers is because they are fluffy, white, and have cute designs on them. I don't think I would ever want to wear a black diaper. Whatever you like is fine by me though

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    I wonder if the padding is black, too. Seems like it would be popular in the goth baby niche market, but my experience has been that most ABDLs are after white or patterned diapers.

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    I actually like it, but the price is ridiculously high (5 € for ONE diaper, c'mon! And you can only have ONE for each pack of white ones you buy...). And considering I wear plastic pants over my padding more often than not, it'd be pretty pointless to spend so much for a single diaper. A nice pair of black plastic pants does the job for me.
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