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Thread: Idea about getting diapers at the store

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    Default Idea about getting diapers at the store

    I just had an idea which may help people who are nervous about getting diapers in real life/being seen getting diapers. What you'd do is make it out to be a game where you're trying get the weirdest look from the cashier. One of the things you could get would be: some kool-aid mix, a ball of twine, motor oil, a pack of straws and some diapers.

    By making it into a game, it would relieve the stressfulness of the situation, and would be an easy excuse if you saw anyone you knew.

    feel free to input your thoughts of the idea.

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    me and my friend do stuff like that. Quite funny, he bought a bottle, I bought a bib and paci.

    Yes it does help with buying diapers but I don't do it anymore cuz if somebody I know see me I'll say my cousin is staying over and he wets the bed or something like that.

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    Buy laxatives, sleeping pills, diapers, bottle, paci, rope, and alcohol (if you're old enough)

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    my sister has done stuff like that a few times. she said her favorite purchase was a cake mix & rat poison.
    cashier seemed a little scared with that one...

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    hehe, one time I went to the store and bought Ipecac, soda, cake mix, and some laxatives. The cashier gave me a really weird face. hahaha

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    i had a friend who actually went into a store and bought catfood and condoms.

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    • One single banana
    • One cucumber
    • One carrot
    • A bottle of lube.

    Can't go wrong!

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    A friend of mine bought a mens bodybuilding magazine (with all the disgustingly muscular men), lube, and tampons. He definitely got an interesting look for that one!

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