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Thread: Underwear with diapers

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    Question Underwear with diapers

    So, I've been wondering... How many people wear some kind of underwear, be it boxers or briefs, over their diaper?

    I normally wear boxers when not padded.
    I'll wear just the diaper and my pants/shorts when home.
    I wear briefs over my diaper when out and about or my parents are around to reduce crinkling. It also feels nice. It makes the diaper feel more snug and secure.

    It just doesn't feel right wearing boxers over diapers.

    So what do you do?
    Boxers, briefs, none?
    When, where, why?

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    Usually wear tight boxers over padding when i go out to stop crinkling, ive found though the crinkling probably isnt the biggest giveaway - more likeley the padding poking out the top of my jeans when i bend down :3

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    I normally wear nothing over my diaper ever. when i go out i put a pair of jeans or shorts on to cover diaper, I do not like things touching my diaper,i like to feel free only wearing the diaper,with pants over.

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    I rarely wear boxer's over my diapers. never when i'm home and mabye once or twice when in public. but other than that ive never do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirtle View Post
    Usually wear tight boxers over padding when i go out to stop crinkling, ive found though the crinkling probably isnt the biggest giveaway - more likeley the padding poking out the top of my jeans when i bend down :3
    That, or the dark spots on your pants. I do remember your light blue sleeper being not so light blue any more in some places

    personally, I always wear underwear when going out of the house in diapers. There's two reasons really:
    (1) It keeps the diaper in place (unless you wear those tent-sized boxers), pressed on my skin. Less chance of leaks that way, and less sagging, which means the diaper will be less easily noticed.
    (2) The extra layer protects the plastic of the diaper from getting small holes, like when the zipper rubs on the plastic and ears it open, or when the keys inside my pocket do so.
    (3) Emergency clothing in case I need to take the diaper off earlier than planned and have no change on me. Man parts rubbing on the inside of the pants, or the zipper, can be dangerous, or embarrassing.


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    I will wear boxer briefs over the abena m4 b.c sometimes the padding like to go down in the front.. wearing them allows it to stay in place an feel more snug to the body. not that i have to worry about leaks with them kind diaper's just like the more snug feeling lol. bc when out side an it being cold an just having a diaper on when the cold air blows up the leg an there is somewhat a gap in the diaper its a feeling i dont like. but this only happens after afew wetings an they diaper is heavy tho. so thats why i wear boxer briefs..

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    I don't like wearing anything over them other than my jeans. Just doesn't feel right to me. There was only one time when I think it would have been a good idea to have something over them - I was out and changed into the last diaper I was carrying with me to last until I got home but I noticed small bubbles on the plastic. The bubbled rubbed against my clothes when I was walking and that made a bit of a mess. a damp spot on my jeans (I wear dark ones so its not too noticeable if there is a leak) and a small trail of the gel stuff. Nowhere to change my clothes and diaper until I got back home.

    I don't know if it really did make a difference or if it was just me because I didn't like it, but covering them with normal underwear seemed to make it uncomfortably hot, so nope I don't wear underwear over them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    There's two reasons really:
    You sure? I can see three reasons there...

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    i wear briefs over my diaper most of the time. The only time i wear just the diaper is when im going to bed :3

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    I often wear briefs or a pair of sport shorts over my diaper, but mainly at night. Depending on where I am I often wear a pair of plastic pants too (comfortable ones, like Suprima or Gary pants). At night when you turn at your side then the extra briefs + PP's are a must! Not doing so means that I have large wet spots in my bed in the morning...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toby View Post
    You sure? I can see three reasons there...
    There was a Christmas sale: Buy 2, get one free

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