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Thread: New to this site, not new to diapers

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    Default New to this site, not new to diapers

    I've been a member for a while but I tend to come and go from diapers so hadn't quite got around to posting an introduction.

    I've probably been interested in diapers for around five years now but a bit on and off as the mood takes me.

    I'm studying Engineering at Cambridge, UK, been here for a while now but still not convinced by the course. I guess my other interests would be event work, looking forward to organising a May Ball this year, maybe have a look on google if you're interested to learn more. Otherwise I guess I'm a normal student, drinking, formals etc.

    Basically looking to chat with those of a similar persuasion, I'll probably be around but I might disappear on occasion.

    Cambridge DL

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    Welcome (back), CambridgeDL. You're far from alone in having something of a rhythm to your diaper interests. Enjoy the place while you're here, and enjoy the vacation (guilt free) while you're not! If you decided to hang out for a while, I look forward to hearing more from you.

    I was something of a remorseful engineering student myself. By the end of college, I'd created a list of jobs I *didn't* want, but had no idea what I *did* want! As it turned out, my first break was one of those "didn't want" jobs, I reluctantly took it, and it evolved into something awesome pretty quickly. You never know what's around the next corner! Out of curiosity, what field of engineering are you studying?

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