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Thread: Diapers in the cold.

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    Default Diapers in the cold.

    Are diapers good at keeping your but warm?

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    yes they add an extra layer of thermal warmth when its cold out and a safety net if your bundled up and cant get to a bathroom quick enough when outside in the snow or wrapped up in the blankets and don't want to get out of bed.

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    Yep, diapers rock in the winter time, so cozy. They are not so great on sticky summer days

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    Yes, diapers do add something that underwear never could for me, they are warm and soft. It is really nice to wear diapers in winter.

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    Nothing like that extra layer of insulation to keep yourself cozy and warm. At least until you wet them, or I guess i mean about 20 minutes after you wet them. A freshly wet diaper is even more warm and cozy than a dry one. That feeling doesn't last long however, sooner that you like the wet becomes a bit clammy and cold which is not good in winter (or summer for that matter).

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    For some reason I've never had a problem with my diaper getting cold as most of you state that happens to you once you wet. Mine consistently stays warm for a long period of time. On a side note, if you plan on being outside playing in the snow and have a diaper on make sure you have the snowpants that go over you shoulders because snow down your pants is the worst!

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    Lol I know a lot of people on here don't mind a full diaper but I am betting you would mind if it was full of snow!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattfox View Post
    Are diapers good at keeping your but warm?
    I think so.

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