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Thread: Diapers + night watch = awesome!

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    Default Diapers + night watch = awesome!

    I'm currently standing an all-night watch and it's cold as f*k out here, so I'm all bundled up in about 10 layers of clothing. Normally I have a policy of not wearing diapers to work, as in when I'm back at the office, but someties I'll make an exception, and this was the perfect occasion. Before I left the house, I liberally powdered up a Dry 24/7 and taped it on, then a pair of plastic pants, followed by a pair of thick thermal pants, then my regular pants (which are, neeless to say, fairly loose-fitting!). Before I put my jacket on I looked in the mirror and butt looks ridiculously huge! But I knew I would be wearing a jacket that covers it up so I wasn't worried

    Anyway, the restroom is a long walk from where I'm at and I haven't bothered making the trip, even after drinking some water and a can of soda. So far I have peed in my diaper twice! I must say that this thick combo under my pants feels great! There's only one other guy out here with me and we've been bs'n and having a generally good time and of course he has no clue that I've been going in my pants as we were talking, and that I am now posting on this site!

    So happy I wore tonight!

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    That is wicked cool. When I bundle up to go sking in I always start off withan powdered up and in an overnight diaper on under everything else, long johns, flannel lined carhart jeans and ski pants bibs on top of everything , I always wonder how many others on the slopes have decided diapering is the easy way to be able to ski all day without the hassel of getting out of everything to pee.
    I have sat in the chair lift and pee many times while talking to fellow skiers and they have never had a clue.

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    I hope they pay you extra for not having to invest your valuable time in trips to the bathroom. You'll be more productive that way

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