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    Well to start this off well we all love wearing diaper's for what ever the means maybe. why should we have to hide something we love to wear i been reading post about people hiding diaper's an how to get rid of them. why can't we just take to the fact we like wearing an loving being in. I think having to hide something like this is very stressfull to us we are who we are. an should be down right proud of who we are. we wear diaper's an love wearing them for what they are inteded for... just bc we are not baby's anymore or anything like that I think we should be able to be out in public an wearing diapers like babys are allowed to an walk around freely we are covred nothing showing an not be looked down on bc of this. its not like its hurting anyone what so ever we are just be who we are.... an the people judging us b.c we like to wear diaper an thinking we are sick people thats wrong everyone got there own thing they like to do but when it come.s to diapers it seems it so wrong when its not really that wrong it just us wearing diaper's for are own pleasure an just injoying life... if we have husbands wifes girlfriends boyfriend if someone is wearing then the other should be ok with who the person is an love them for who they are an support them in what they like. an want to do. i am tired of diapers being looked as a bad thing if they where such a bad thing they would not be sold at stores for us adults.... sorry i just been thinking about it. an thought i would get it off my mind about something like this. just like my wife know's i wear diapers all the time an is ok with it an buys them for me an heck would even change me. i think that everyone should be able to live that kinda life an not have to worry about what someone might say behind your back bc you do wear them. an just look at you as another person in the world an not say your sick bc you wear diaper's bc you want not bc you have to....... what are anyone eles thought on this ? sorry for the rant but its been bugging me for awhile now...

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    I agree with you as well as I would bet a lot of others on here will too, but that is because we are into it. The general population is not, so if it is something odd or different they dont want to accept it or they would worry others would feel they were odd or different. It is just too much of worrying what everyone else thinks. I am a man and dont wear womens dresses so I think crossdressers are weird, do I think that they are bad people, NO, I just consider it weird because it is something different to me, that is what weird is something different, So adults wearing diapers that dont have to is something different to most people so they think it is weird. But I bet 50 years from now as society seems to be getting more open minded everyday, would accept it much more and it may be considered somewhat a norm, because as more people come out with it the more common it will seem, it is just one of those things that people dont come out and say or they will be considered weird. But as time goes on people are getting braver and coming out and then some on follows and so on. Look at gay and lesbian people, how much the outlook on them changed in the past 50 years, it used to be thought if someone was gay they must be a child molester or some type of sexual predator, but now we now they are just everyday people with different sexual preference. [ not all but most] [there will be bad people in every group] It will take something like some famous people to come out and tell society that it is ok and then society will follow, I for one am not a follower but most people are, and the way you talk you are not a follower either, followers conform to what society calls for, and I say fu** society, everyone has there own weird thing but will point out others weird things to make them feel better about their own. Another topic is guys wearing ear rings, well that used to be considered highly gay, but not anymore, because more and more guys started wearing them, on tv, movies, etc. then society said " well it must be ok, cause actor Joe Blow is wearing an earring and I like him and hes not gay. Any time I feel down on myself for having a diaper fetish, I just think in my head of all the horrible things in this world and then I realize my fetish is not such a big deal at all. If people cant accept us for who we are, they are shallow closed minded people and f*ck em

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    You're right, people are so worried about keeping up with the social norm that it consumes their individuality, thus making them afraid to express their personal feelings i.e wearing diapers when they want to.

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    There are lots of threads about hiding them because a good deal of us on this site still live with our parents and don't want them to know about it because we know they'd be upset about it. Accepting yourself is one thing but the reasons why we hide this from other people are obvious.

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    I agree that everybody is entitled to be who they are. I like the philosophy of being free to express yourself for who you are, as long as you don't interfere with who somebody else is. That being said, there are a few reasons I can think of where people would get offended by this.

    People tend to fear the unknown in general. If they can't understand it, it is weird, or abnormal, and thus, it is bad. A diaper fetish is not one of the most widely known subjects on the planet.

    It also doesn't help that there are many stigmas around diapers. Diapers are most commonly associated with babies. To people who do not understand why exactly you like diapers, they might relate this sexual kink, to babies. Sex + baby = pedophile. I'm not saying that you are a pedophile, however, John Everyman walking down the street and seeing a fully grown adult walking around in nothing but a diaper might think differently.

    So far what I have said relates to ignorance. Not everybody in the world is ignorant. Ignorance is not always the only reason for not liking something.

    You are one of 7,000,000,000 people on this planet. That means that you think one way. 6,999,999,999 people each think some way as well. Some may agree with you. Some may be impartial. And, some may disagree with you. This is the way of life.

    I don't know about you, but I wouldn't appreciate a couple walking down the street in bondage gear. That kind of thing creeps me out a bit. The person behind the mask may love it though. I do think they should be able to enjoy what makes them happy, but the phrase "get a room" makes itself even more prevalent in this case.

    There are other ways of expressing individuality that do not involve sex. Personally, if when you look at yourself, and the only thing that you can think of to describe you is diapers, then you need to get a hobby.

    All in all, I would say to keep the fetish to yourself, not because of how people will treat you, but because it is common decency.
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    We hide it because lot of parents don't approve of it and we are afraid of getting judged for it.
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    I agree with you, in a perfect world we could all be who/what we are openly, with no fear of negative connotations or retribution. However, we don't live in that dream world. Furthermore, some things are just better done in private, whether they are accepted or not. I love to wear diapers, but not even I want to see your big butt parading down a public street wearing one.

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    Google: Conformist, Social Norms.
    People don't go around telling everyone about who they had sex with.
    Gay people try to keep it on the down low.
    Diaper fetishists are considered the more "deviant" of the fetishes among people's sex-lives.
    Then again, not everyone talks about their sex-life to start.

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    Well for two reasons really, one is to be accepted by others. Humans are naturally social animals and we all want to fit into society, if we do things society deem are inappropriate then we risk being ostracised and so we keep it a secret to avoid such a fate; most of us have accepted this as a part of who we are but we can't force society to do the same. If they do ever come around it would have to be in their own time as we can't just demand acceptance and expect to get it immediately.
    Secondly it's to avoid harassment from others, this is a good way to pick on someone. Bullies can use it against you in school, parents can use it against you at home and SOs can use it against you in arguments and no one wants to have to put up with it being used against them when there is nothing wrong with it. Also if you did walk around wearing only a diaper and a onesie then you'd be open to insults and possibly even assaults from the general public.

    None of us really enjoy keeping it a secret but we do to give us a slightly easier live free of persecution for being who we are.

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    I think that since it's not very well known people hide it. They are scared of people not being able to understand. Think of BDSM, it's one of the most common fetishes. Almost everyone knows about it, and most understand. Many people think it's weird because they don't understand what it is, but most people will be accepting because it is so popular. Were now living in the 21st century. Everyone is more accepting. We just need more public awareness.

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