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    Just wondering how long does it normally take if you request samples from GoodNites or Underjams? Its been about 3 weeks and ive still received nothing. Also if you request samples for molicares or something and you pay for the shipping about how long should it take to receive?

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    I did the underjams, and its 4 to 6 weeks. I got mine in 3 and a half though.

    And ain't there a thread about free samples already?

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    The individual sites should say somewhere, just read all the fine print ^^

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    It was about 4 weeks for my sampel, to arrive, it came in an oversized lt green and white bussiness envelope, it think it said attention mom, but it's been awhile since I got mine, still have the diaper but threw away the envelope.

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    Does anyone know how long it should take if you had to pay for the shipping?

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    If you paid for shipping it depends on whether they send it US Mail or FedEx/UPS. With FedEx/UPS you should have them within a week... US Mail may take 2 weeks.

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