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Thread: Sports?

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    Default Sports?

    What sports do you play?

    I hold the school record for 100M sprint, Discus, Long Jump, Triple Jump, and the Javelin.
    I also play Rugby, Football, Badminton, and i'm a brown belt Kickboxer.

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    The only sport I practically "play" these days is riding my bike. Every day, however, so that's enough workout.
    I used to play badminton on a regular basis at my university, but had to stop due to a lack of time. I've also played tennis in the past.

    Oh, and reply to emomessiah: I used to be the fastest guy in my class back in school. Only one girl was faster...but she once won the state youth championship, so I won't complain. :p


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    I like Kickboxing, Swimming, Drumming (yes, its a sport xD jk), and Bicycling. Not much though of the last lately.

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    I dabble I play a lil bit of everything sept b-ball.(blame my pe coach) I don't play on teams though. Wish I did mom wont let me.

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    I don't really like sports, but I did play Hockey for 4 years.

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    Hockey, football, Baseball. Hockey playoffs are going on right now.

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    I swim. I live playing sports but absolutely despise watching them. Hmmmm...

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    I used to skateboard, but not so much anymore, I plan on eventually getting back into it some. I used to be real good too, still am decent.

    Only sport I do now is drag race.

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    The only sport I do is Kickboxing. I'm currently a black belt.

    I do it mainly for fitness, rather than for competing (I don't like being punched in the head :p). I've competed and won in kumite (Jiyu kumite) It's different from normal fighting, you have to land a punch or kick on your opponent (without them blocking it) in a controlled way, and you get points for each technique you hit your opponent with.

    I swim quite often too.

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    Skiing, Tennis. Dislike both. Do them so I can eventually take muh fist, and shove it up the people who were once better than me at said sport. I can't wait for that day.

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