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Thread: Wearing dark coloured clothes and underwear to hide dribbles in pants

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    Default Wearing dark coloured clothes and underwear to hide dribbles in pants

    I have always had a tendency to dribble in my pants after I pee. Normally it is only a small amount but sometimes I wet all the way through to my trousers. As a young boy I had to wear white underwear, and these always ended up stained, much to my embarrassment. As soon as I could choose I opted for coloured underwear so that it was more difficult for others to see my wet patches and stains when i was getting changed etc. Often they are patterned or with pictures. I also tend to only wear dark coloured trousers, so that wetness can not easily be seen. Does anyone else do this to hide their stains?

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    If your problem is dribble a lot of men have this issue you can buy some reusable incontinence underwear like dribriefs and they look very much like regular underwear they will help stop the wetness on your pants.....

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    Yes I've also found also stuffed my underwear with toiletpaper and wore long shirts.

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    I've had this happen a few times, when sitting down within a certain period of time, after having used the restroom.

    That awkward moment when you dribble down your leg, during school.. yeah..

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