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Thread: Ice in diaper

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    Default Ice in diaper

    Has anyone actually put ice in their diapers. I have a couple times, at first it feels really good,because the diaper absorbs the cold,but when you sit it is uncomftorable.

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    Hmm no but I have considered going the other way on that and putting some hot sauce in my diaper, maybe Tabasco or Texas Pete's

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    Why would you put ice in your diaper?
    Just curious.

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    I have tried this. It most certainly does not feel good.

    After about 20s, your butt and/or sensitive bits are coated in water at the freezing point, where they will remain for 5-10 minutes until the ice is completely melted. It very quickly becomes very much not fun.

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    I really don't understand the appeal to this. Now putting ice down a friend's diaper... :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loopy View Post
    I really don't understand the appeal to this. Now putting ice down a friend's diaper... :P

    What about putting hot sauce down an enemy's diaper?

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    It feels good to me, its a rush. i personally like the feel

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    Maybe when it really hot out but frankly I will not even wear out in the snow because of how wet an frozen diapers get.

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    I once poured water into diapers and put them in the freezer. Took them out before frozen solid, kind of slushy.
    Putting that on was *coooold* Let me tell you, junior down there was *really* junior afterwards.

    Mind you, I did this because my very fevered mind thought that was the best thing to combat my very high temperature at that time.
    I also put my erzats icepacks in my armpits, and it really did lower my body temp.

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