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Thread: Diapers and real life

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    Default Diapers and real life

    I've always wondered how do you deal with real life and diapers? Especially when you get older and want kids and get married. I want both but i just don't know how my diaper life can be a part of it

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    If your wife is really loving and accepting, I'm sure you could wear sometimes.
    Being 15, I'm obviously not married.
    But some members of ADISC are married and have told their husbands/wives about being *B/DL. Many of them were accepting.
    However, some were not.
    It's a risk telling, unless you're ABSOLUTELY SURE they'll be fine with it.
    I wish I could give you more help then this, but sadly, I can't.
    I'm sure that you'll work it out when you're older.

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    Butterfly Mage


    My spouse loves me and accepts me. The diaper issue isn't an issue at all.

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    Well way back when I was dateing I always had a diaper on and if things progresses to the point of needing to remove my pants there would be a diaper to exsplane.

    I went through a few girlfriends befor finding the right one who was not turned off by the diaper.

    We have been marries for 25 plus years now.

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    I'm getting married this summer and super excited about that. I go to work during the day (sans diaper) and have a decent social life. So far, diapers fit in just fine and only my fiance knows (and accepts and enjoys). As far as having kids goes, I imagine I would hide my AB/DL side from my kids just as I've hidden it from parents and siblings all my life. I think it's all about balance, as many things in life go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lonnie View Post
    We have been marries for 25 plus years now.
    Wow, Lonnie! That is great to hear!

    I have been married a little over 2 years now. However, I told me wife even before we became engaged. It took about 3 years of explaining and being patient with my wife, but eventually she came around to understand that this is a part of me and it isn't going anywhere. She has gone from tossing an un-opened box of Abriform X-plus in the trash (and not telling me about it till I actually asked her about it) to the other day she joked about using some diapers as insulation in the attic.

    I know she still isn't 100% comfortable with the whole AB/DL thing, but she knows that it is important to me, and therefore accepts it.

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    Liking diapers was the one thing I didn't tell my wife. I thought I could live without them, but that became very difficult. In addition to that problem, diaper wearing and wetting kept me from doing other socially unacceptable things. It was a good release for all the frustrations of life.

    When we moved to Lynchburg, I had Fridays off, so I could wear every Friday. I kept it easily hidden from my children, and my wife. But then I had a job change, and to make things more difficult, my wife became very ill and had to retire on full disability. I made a diaper order on line and stupid Amazon shot me an e-mail asking how I liked my diapers. My wife got the message. I had to confess, and in fact, it was that anxiety that brought me to this site. She accepted it very well and now buys me "little" things.

    The only thing I don't like is that wet diapers smell in the morning and I don't like to be offensive smelling, especially to her. She makes a few jokes about it, especially since my two plushies spend the night under the covers with me. She tells me they're distressed! They've never complained to me however. Anyway, I am careful not to let it get too bad. If I'm going to sleep in on Saturday, I get up when her dialysis machine goes off and change so that I'm in a clean diaper when I get her off the machine.

    I say all of this just to make the point that compromises can be reached and things worked out. We need to be respectful to our spouses, and they should understand our needs. I'm a believer that everyone has something that's a little out of the mainstream regarding their sex life. Diapers are strange, to be sure, but certainly not the end of the world. At least we don't go out and cheat on our diapers, dating a toilet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    At least we don't go out and cheat on our diapers, dating a toilet.
    Best. Line. EVER.

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    You can deal with it by just kinda going with the flow I guess.
    I revealed myself to my wife when we'd been dating about four months, here's how it happened

    Seriously though, we had got into kind of an argument and it struck me that she was behaving rather immaturely about whatever we were squabbling over, IDK. But later when we went to the supermarket, we happened down the adult diaper aisle, and I suggested that since she wanted to behave like a child, perhaps she should wear a diaper. How I didn't get slapped I don't know but to my utter shock she took me up on that... the rest was easy from there. And what's strange is that she isn't into this at all, it was almost like a gift that it happened that way. That's what I call diaper karma.

    Now, I seem to be in a very small minority here, but my kids know too. No, I'm not some kind of perv. One of them caught me by sneaking into our bedroom late late at night while we were watching TV in bed. Being that I wasn't expecting a kid to appear, I didn't have my robe drawn all the way closed. Suddenly she was just there before either of us heard her coming. That's one of those times I wish I could get a do-over. I know that she has shared that with other family members much to my discomfort, but none of them have ever brought it up to me. That's been several years ago and it turned out to not be the end of the world.
    So, mistakes will be made and uncomfortable moments will happen. But when you meet the right person, and you feel the time is right, you'll be able to come on with it.
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    It's really not a big deal with the RIGHT significant other. Meaning, someone who loves & accepts you for who you are. That said, of course any relationship requires some give-and-take. Also, it is not adviseable to lie about it or be sneaky. That doesn't mean you should be in-your-face about it though. And if kids are involved, I don't see any reason they should EVER know about it, you would just need to be discreet. As for "real life," I have worn diapers off and on for 12 years or so now, and I still have a pretty great life, lots of friends, etc. Life & diapers: the two are not mutually exclusive by any means!

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