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Thread: Forced into diapers

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    Default Forced into diapers

    A lot of ABDLs have the fantasy of being forced into diapers. has anyone actually tried that? How did it go down?

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    My husband has forced me a few times and I like it. I wish he do it 24/7.

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    You can't force the willing. Also, seems like you're asking for fap stories :O.

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    Butterfly Mage


    You could be "forced" as part of consensual roleplay. But I agree that forcing the willing can't really happen.

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    I was forced to wear them when I was 10 y/o because of day and night time wettings or so I was told.

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    if your willing then bein forced into them is impossible.

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    I was forced into diapers for bedwetting my by dad when I was about 13. I hated it at the time, but it is what seeded my diaper interest.

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    I guess you can say I was forced to wear diapers as a kid. I was not potty trained until into grammer school. I wet often at night until late teens and then started again in earily 20s. As a kid I was required to wear diapers to bed and when ever we went on a car ride over an hour. Periodically my parents would become exasperated with me and tell me that if I was going to act like a baby they would treat me like one. They in fact did. When I graduated from high school, we still had baby bibs in the kitchen drawer and baby bottles in the kitchen cupboards. In the years since, we have talked about this as I am still incontinent. They have apologised but shared they though I was pushing their buttons and 2 coupld play at the game. They said the thought by making me use baby bottles and wear a bib, eat baby food etc. I would hate it so much I would stop wetting the bed and occassionally my pants. Little did they know, I liked it! =)

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    Do you mean like for medical reasons? I have wondered what it would be like to have bladder surgery and be incont. for a few weeks, but it never has actually happened. I have also wondered what it would be like to be an 80 year old infantilist and have my bladder start to weaken. I personally am terrified to HAVE to wear diapers and not be able to stop when the game gets boring.

    I don't wear 24/7 and am terrified about the prospect of being forced into it for the long term. I fantasize about being forced to wear diapers sometimes, but usually just for bedwetting and only at night. I suppose I could be forced to wear diapers because I don't want to wear full time, but I doubt it will happen until I am a very old man.

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    Only children would qualify as being forced into diapers and I don't think that is right. Perhaps maybe talked into it because of medical problems and doctors suggestion would be okay. I've had numerous accidents my whole life and my mom was against using diapers. One time and only one time did she threaten me with using diapers on me full time when I was far beyond the toddler stage. The threat never came to pass. On the other hand, if you mean by role playing then that is not forced, but consensual between two adults.

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