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Thread: Can someone please help me find this movie? Patrick Age 1.5

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    Default Can someone please help me find this movie? Patrick Age 1.5

    Someone posted a link on my facebook liking this movie, I read several pages about it, watched the trailer an looked all over but I can't find this movie

    Patrik, Age 1.5 - Movie Trailers - iTunes

    TrustMovies: Family values done right: Ella Lemhagen's PATRIK, AGE 1.5 opens at Quad & NuArt

    I would LOVE to see it - can anyone please help with this?

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    I found the full movie but it's don't have english subtitles, might be good for someone else who understands it tho. *streaming movie* Patrik Age 1.avi - megaupload download

    still not luck finding the Eng subbed even on rapidshare

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    lol, dvd only - another $8 bucks a month... I can't believe this is such a hard movie to find. Diapernh - thanks for finding the option for me tho

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