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    Read this article, I wish more people were like this. I have zero respect for anyone who treats animals poorly. Props to this guy for not sugar coating it.

    A Message From an Animal Control Officer: I Quit! | Life With Dogs

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    That was a good read, and Very true.

    I do feel bad for those guy sometimes because they are doing their job.

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    Aye, the laws and fines for animal cruelty are quite pathetic.

    The way I see it when you buy a pet, you are taking on a responsibility and this should be enforced by law. Shelters should be the extreme case, rather than a convenient option for when your pet becomes a burden. And I definitely agree with the sentiment about backyard breeders.

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    I don't mind people having animals. But I personally know I am not a pet person. I can go to a friend or relative's house and pet their cat or dog, but I do not want them in my own house. I dislike the stench then can occur when someone doesn't keep good care of their pet, be it a dog, cat, or whatever else. I've been in some people's house that nearly made me want to vomit from the stench. Cat liter boxes that go unchanged for months on end is among the worst smells in my book.

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    Damn, he told it and he told it good nothing else to say but Good Job

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    I have dogs. We put down one rescue dog who was only a few years old because she went psychotic on us (got out one night, advanced on a police officer growling, had other issues), it turned out the gal who was supposed to be 'placing unwanted dogs and helping animal control' was actually in-breeding dogs to get litters and make money off the rescue organizations. I have to agree with the animal control officer--it sure was a lot of fun crying my eyes out with our kids when we did the responsible thing of putting her to rest before there could be major problems.

    We've had more dogs than these. Rescue dogs, with the exception of one. A total of four other dogs. First two finally were let go at 10 1/2 years old (not bad for Great Danes), one with lung cancer, the other just old age. Last two are just a few years old and will be in our house until it comes time for them to go as well. All of them have been licensed, spayed/neutered, and put through training. All of them are on leash whenever we go outside the house or backyard. Our big Great Dane we got as a puppy and we used to take him to my youngest daughter's kindergarten class to help socialize him. Nothing works better than 20+ 5yr old kids mobbing a dog to get them used to being handled, he was always on perfect behavior.

    I've looked at the AKC Canine Good Citizen recognition for my dogs before, decided I didn't need it. The one dog we did get from a breeder is also from a RESPONSIBLE breeder. There is a clause in the purchase contract for the dog that says that if we were ever to give up the dog for any reason, it would go back to the breeder. I have friends who show dogs and deal with breeders, and it had happened that they will get a dog who is many years old back because the owner ran into a situation (health, financial seem to be common) where they could no longer care for the dog. We have been offered dogs from these people.

    Funny, when we went to adopt our last dog from the rescue and we discussed how our animals are cared for and treated, they were begging us to take one of their dogs. I wouldn't recommend adopting one out to one of our neighbors, they let their dogs run around out in front of the house off leash (my daughter nearly ran over one dog one time when it ran behind the car as she backed out). Yet somehow I am singled out by my neighbors for creating all the dog problems in the neighborhood because I have 'big dogs'.

    I can see the animal control officer's point in totality.

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    I live in a more rural area, and I cannot even begin to explain the complete and total lack of pet ownership responsibility in rural areas. Just because their aren't a million plus people living here doesn't mean that you can let your dog roam free around town. I hate stepping in dog messes in front of my place, on the sidewalk; yes that's right, on the sidewalk, and everywhere in general. Letting your pets roam free is truly neglect of the pet. You're not "being nice" by letting them wander the neighborhoods all day being "free." Letting your pets roam free all day is needlessly, and illegally, putting them and others in danger. Who honestly knows what can happen when pets are unleashed roaming around without supervision?

    I like animals, but really really despise 90% of pet owners in my area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RangerR View Post
    I hate stepping in dog messes in front of my place,
    Oh, don't even get me started on that topic! I live on a corner lot, and therefore I have 2 sidewalks bordering my property. If I ever see that happen, you can bet you butt I will ask the pet owner to pick up their dog's droppings. I pay to have my lawn treated, and a dog's droppings can leave a dead spot on a lawn if left there long enough.

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    I don't really agree with a few of his points, others, though, I agree whole-heartedly. Since I don't really want to get into a political discussion, I'll leave it there. /shrug

    I echo the sentiment about living in a rural area and being fed up with most pet owners, though.

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    I live in a rental community on a riverbank, where, due to flood restrictions, fences aren't allowed. I had a real problem with the next door neighbor about this for a while.. she had a psychotic dog that would frequently shit in my yard and challenge me while gardening.. that ended one night while I was holding a barbeque in my back yard. the dog bolted from her house and mauled a 7 year old girl in front of myself, cross the street neighbors, the park manager and a cop. the dog was put down and she was evicted. not a nice ending. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. this, after a summer of watching that dog bolt into the river and attempt to attack every other rafter that floated by. most of it wouldn't have happened if she simply kept the dog on a leash per city ordinance.

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