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Thread: Has anybody bought from shoplovediaper before?

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    Question Has anybody bought from shoplovediaper before?

    Shopping for Abenas, I found a cheaper site than appears to be cheaper than XPMedical. - Abena Abri-Form Medium M3 Price: $83.95 - Abena Abri-Form Medium M3 Price $86.95

    Both sites advertise free, discreet shipping. Anybody bought from shoplovediaper before? I see lots of posts about XP Medical, but don't recall any about shoplovediaper. Anybody know of a better site to get the M3s from?

    Looking for feedback, have not bought anything more than samples from XP Medical.

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    I would go with XP. They are the most reliable I have EVER seen. You will be pleased with them. I've ordered from them at least 3 times. Never regretted andy of them SUPER fast shipping. Within 2 days. Even with ground shipping.

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    Id agree with dprdude92. XP is always great. Its not worth the risk just to save a couple of bucks.

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    i have to agree with everyone eles XP medical is the best on buying from they get you what you need in 2 days i don't know that site i an i looked at it an i just dont think i could trust it with my diaper's so i say stick with xp maybe more but its worth it trust me.

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    i'd say that $3 isn't much, especially considering the difference between a highly proven site and one that may or may not be good at all.

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