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    Ok so I'm new to ADISC and so far I'm very happy with things. I have been a DL for all my life. The feeling comes and goes. The only person who knows is my wife and she's awesome with it. She completely understands and supports me with whatever it is I do.

    I use to love wearing Goodnights but am now outgrowing them. I have a 34" waist and am looking for suggestions.

    I don't "use" them all the time but do like the option. I don't like big and bulky diapers and like to be able to wear them out in public. I also don't like them coming up real high. I've seen some that go way past your bellybutton. I like the lower cut ones. I have some pics saved of ones that I really like but am not sure of what they are.

    So, long story short, I'm just looking for some opinions. I'd love to go out and grab a pair sometime soon so let me know what you all think.

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    Do you mind having packages shipped to your home?

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    Nope. Since its just me and my wife, and she knows, I'm good with ordering from the internet. I am just bad with instant gratification.

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    Do you have a preference of plastic or non-woven faux cloth exterior?
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    I don't want something that is too loud. I don't care for cloth diapers. I'm not sure of the material but whatever Goodnights/ pullups have I enjoy. I don't think I've ever had a plastic diaper but wouldn't be against it.

    So does anyone have any suggestions for me?

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    Some of the most popular brands are Bambino, Molicare and Abena. These are premium diapers, which means you'll have to order them online and they'll be more expensive than ones you can buy in the store, but they're thicker, more absorbent and comfier!

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    Well this is my first post. It sounds to me like some pull ups would work. Depends makes a pull up but I do not think they fit well. I happen to have just bought some Depends fitted briefs today, the first time in years. I forgot how thin they are and that they can absorb a fair amount. If you want to try a thin plastic backed diaper this would be a good one. Attends makes a great pull up, not too thick and can hold some urine but if you flood it, it will leak. Sounds like you are not looking for a mondo diaper that can hold 15 cups of urine but something you can ware and enjoy, yet lightly use if wanted. Depends brief, or Attends pull up. Thanks your post got me to join.

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