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Thread: Xbox 360 Freezing

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    Default Xbox 360 Freezing

    Every time I turn on my xbox, it freezes 5-10 min. into gameplay.

    It doesnt matter which game it is. Any ideas???

    I've had it for almost 2 years now and have never had a problem before last week when this started

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    Try cleaning the fan and the disks and the disk tray...I honestly don't know, since I've never really had a problem with my 360

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    Are you getting the Red Rings of Death on the power button?

    Mine doesn't freeze, but no matter what game I'm playing, at least once a night mine will pop up a "The Disc is Unreadable" error, forcing a restart.

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    I blame disk, does it have a circular scratch caused by user failure?

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    If it's happening on every game, I don't think it's the discs. Can you boot it without putting a game in the tray?

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    try cleaning it with those compressed air bottles that u can buy at the nearest electronics store...if that doesn't work then it may be signs telling you it's almost the xbox's time =[

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    It's overheating then. It might not do it now, but give it some time and the solder will break, blessing you with the ring of death. Apparently there is a way to fix this, involving wrapping it in four or five towels for 10 minutes then leaving it cool for another 10 minutes, this has mixed results.

    But sadly, it won't help with this situation. It's highly unlikely that it's the laser as the game wouldn't start, but it's more likely overheating. I'd call Microsoft even though they're about as useful as fighting fire with petrol.

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    Yea I agree with spirit. It overheating problems. Just prepare yourself to be without your 360 for a couple weeks. I don't know how that feels but i heard it sucks.

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