hi. people tend to call me dugs. I'm currently in high school. I like to think I'm funny and occasionally smart. most just call me odd.
I've been a bedwetter since I was 4. around then my little sister was born and I started to enjoy acting like a baby. when I was 11 I finally learned about infantilism and realized that was me. i wear goodnites for my bedwetting and I sometimes wear them during the day for my own enjoyment.
I like to draw and play video games but my most favorite is karate. I'm a first degree black belt in tang soo do. other than that I don't normally do much.
I decided to join this site hoping to find common ground and to not feel so ashamed about my diaper enjoyment. I go to the TB section to see if any teens have the same questions I do and see what the answers are. I also really enjoy the stories. fiction more than true but that's the kind of stories I like generally.
well that's me. I hope maybe I can make some sorts of friends on here. and I'm sorry for any mistakes if any. my iPod fixes most of my mistakes for me but not all.