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Thread: Top 3 Most Absorbent Adult Diapers with plastic backing?

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    Default Top 3 Most Absorbent Adult Diapers with plastic backing?

    Anyone know what are the most absorbent Adult diapers with plastic backing? Abena M4's and 24/7?'s Anyone else have any close 2nd or 3rd's?
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    The Fabine exklusiv seem to be very absorbent but they're expensive.

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    Dry 24/7s first, Abena M4's second, and (take your pick of every diaper that is far below that absorbency range) third

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    After trying out the Fabines, this are hands down the most absorbent diapers out there. After I was done with them, I actually took the weight of it and it was around 7 pounds. I put about 8 really good wetting on it and it still proobably could have held another 2. So this is my top 3

    Top 3 Diaper from most to least absorbency.
    1. Fabines
    2. Dry 24/7
    3. Abena 4 series

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    So far on what ive read. 1. Dry 24/7 2. Abena xplus 3. Bambino.

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