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Thread: Hey everyone :)

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    Thumbs up Hey everyone :)

    Hello everyone. My name is kyle. I found this site uppon being bored and just looking for something to do. I thought it would be nice to talk to people about this stuff. I'm not obsessed with it. I like to play poker, [removed], I work at a girls clothing store. By the way I'm a guy so its pretty cool. There's not much more I can think of right now so if you have any questions just ask
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    Welcome! c: cool that you're interested! Florida is a pretty awesome state c:

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    Funny that you mentioned it. My family went the other day with out me cause I had to work.. epic fail. They said it was pretty awsome tho xD

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    Omg I would have been so mad! The only criticism I have for Disney though, is this: not enough upgrading! Most of the rides are the same they've been since the 80s..and I understand the whole "wanting to preserve the parks history" but I feel keeping everything to date is a huge necessity l:

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    Especially with the price it takes to get in >.>

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    Lmaoo I'm sure they have new rides.. they must because they come out with new disney movies all the time.. but I just hope they don't have the old rides still with the old materials they used to make them... that would be bad.

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    They just change the theme every now and again don't they? I mean, the ride itself stays the same, they just give it a new "cover"?

    (that's what they used to do at Drayton Manor anyway.)

    Obviously I'm guessing that if safer, more efficient ride parts are made, that they would upgrade them surely?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NutFreeFruitcake View Post
    Game/format, stakes, (former) site(s), winrate in BB/100?
    Texas holdem. The format? I tend to play tornament style a lot. I can play for 5 bucks a game or buy ins of 100 dollars. I used to play on fulltilt and my win rate would be like 70/100

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