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Thread: Anyone going/have seen Happy Feet two movie?

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    Default Anyone going/have seen Happy Feet two movie?

    I went and watched this movie with my wife. With our work schedules as crazy as they are (her on 1st shift, I'm on 2nd shift) we had the last three days off together. I thought it was a good movie, every bit as good as the first one.

    However, I've noticed something that kinda made me smile a bit. The main character penguin (Mumbles) still has his juvenile markings in this movie. Although the producers of the movie probably intended this as a way for the main character to stand out from the rest. However, by giving him a juvenile appearance, I could not help but think of Mumbles as an AB/DL character. From the view point that he is supposed to be an adult, yet has the same appearance as the 'babies' or 'toddler' penguins in the movie. When he is standing among the other adult penguins, his appearance is obvious. When he is standing next to the little penguins, he looks like a larger version of them. I noticed this in the first movie. However, in this second movie, it is much more noticeable.

    Anyone else seen this movie? What do you think of it?

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    I don't plan to see the new one. the first was okay but it was boring for the most part. Also I never seen such laughable humans in CGI.

    Not to mention it seems to suffer Hangover 2 syndrome. Where the plot of the 2nd movie is the exact same thing as the first. Lot's of people have ADHD these days I guess.

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