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Thread: Goodnights- itchy? Help?

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    Default Goodnights- itchy? Help?

    Hello everyone! First of all wanted to say I'm very glad; just bought my first pack of diapers (I'm 17), while I used to have to have a gf get em or otherwise make them! :P They are Goodnights L-XL, and I LOVE them! I slept in one last night, and my two things I need help with are:
    1) it was actually pretty itchy. I didn't use anything else like powder or anything but it itches quite a bit.
    2) I found it was a little tight around by bottom and doesn't really cover my whole butt as I would have hoped. It rode up which was a bit uncomfortable.

    Additionally, I would have liked something perhaps a bit thicker <3

    Anyways, my main question is does anyone have suggestions for ridding myself of the itchiness? If it makes a difference I dont/won't wet them, and I do plan to reuse each for quite a while...

    Regarding the issue of my bum not being fully covered, for future purposes anyone have any ideas of pullup style diapers that are babyish (a must have for me) and would fit and completely cover. The girls Goodnights are magnificent otherwise, highly recommended!!!

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    most of the premium diapers like you find online will definitely cover your whole butt. if you can't get those, then it's a long shot to find babyish pullups that would fit you
    if it's itchy, then i recommend washing your diaper area beforehand, and using powder or cream.

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    When it's itchy for me I usually use baby powder or lotion (baby powder does have a strong smell though use carefully!). The problem with itchy-ness is body/leg hair. I've shaved a little off on my legs and it feels really nice, but that might not be an option for you.

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    I like Johnson's baby lotion. It has that wonderful baby diaper smell, so you might try that.

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    Would also suggest shaving your legs and private hair down there, it helps a lot to reduce itching.

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    Shaving works dude

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    I'm gonna guess you'd rather not shave your private hair to deal with the itching. Perhaps try sprinkling some Gold Bond down there.

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    I agree with shaving your area, cleaning it, AND using powder, especially if your skin is so sensitive that it gets irritated when you're not even wetting.

    As for the pull-ups that fit a little better, I found some generic brand ones at my local safeway called 'Easy-Sleeps'. They are plain white which may be off-putting to most Adult/Teen Babies, but I prefer it that way because it looks, to me, like a normal diaper should. They're a bit bigger than goodnites and have a much more stretchy material around the top and cuffs of the legs making it more snug and less likely to leak. Normally I'd say the downside is it's still a pull-up and will leak easily,but if you aren't wetting it then you're golden. With 21 diapers for $12-$13 though, you can't go wrong!

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