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  • Don't change... go to bed wet

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  • Change... go to bed dry

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Thread: Choose My First Night

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    Default Choose My First Night

    Tonight is my first night padded. do i go to bed wet or do i change and sleep dry? both sound fun to me... but i'll let you decide!

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    dry of course, wet sounds really uncomfortable.

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    Depends on what brand of padding you are wearing

    Usually won't cause a rash or irritation, but you never know.

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    Change you don't want even the risk of a rash.

    I don't really like to be wet that long anyway it gets cold and uncomfortable after a while

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    I've been so tired i've passed out wet before, but i prefer a change before bed if i get the chance

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    I like to go to bed wet if I am wearing a good brand and know it wont leak. If it isn't a good brand then you should change before bed.

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    I usually get up in the night to pee so I would go to bed dry then pee in the night but its up to you.
    you'll have another chance to try again anyway.

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