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Thread: Reaccepting myself.

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    Default Reaccepting myself.

    Well, I guess this is my reintroduction I was a member a few years ago it seems like such a long time but I guess a lot has happened in these short few years. So here is my short little back story.
    My name is Bear(gotta get to know me for my real name) I am a college student right now hoping to graduate soon and right now I am trying to regain my grasp on the world. I have a lot of confidence issues and other issues that lead me to two years of some Hunter Thompson-esque drug use and after I had a bit too much a few times I quit cold turkey worst few weeks of my life but I'm two years clean at 21 years old and I'm really loving life right now. I don't drink at all but I still smoke a little bit.
    My DL side of me has kinda always been there I used to sneak out to use the bathroom and I would fill my jacket pocket with the pull ups and goodnites people had donated that they didn't use. Then there was a short time my parents bought them for me and let me do what I wanted and now they don't know I still do it the last package they bought for me was on my 7th birthday. After that I did not buy them til I was 13 and a store was built in biking distance from my house. Been a part of the internet community for over 8 years probably closer to 10.
    Other than the abdl side I love white water rafting, really anything to do with water. Swimming, surfing, scuba, and I love to hike. I really like to read and I am pretty great at video games. I think a lot about a lot of things and love talking to people about bigger things like problems in the world and questions of the universe. I am always working to make myself a better person so I can be good enough when the right girl comes along. But because of me liking diapers and a few other "quirks" I can be a bit guarded and I guess I'm here to try and let that guard down.
    Well thanks for reading that if you did and sorry if it was too long haven't really done this before.

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    Welcome to the site . Really hope we can help you accept this side of yourself fully . We are a pretty accepting bunch, and your story isn't that unique. Hope you find friends and fun here . Are you a furry as well? Or is the name nothing to do with that? :X

    Edit: bleh, just noticed the DF bit, guess you are a furry .

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    Thanks for the nice intro. your sure to be excepted on ADISC. I'm surprised Bear was an open name. Welcome!

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    Lol yeah I totally am a bit of a furry and I was so shocked the name was open, I usually have to be far more elaborate.

    edit: Loopy did you ever have your character drawn by furryjadefox
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