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Thread: A bit depressed.

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    Unhappy A bit depressed.

    I dont know if this is is the right forum but, I just am feeling a bit...depressed about my life. Sometimes i just think im pathetic. Im 19 years old, 20 in 20 days, im still living at home with my dad. I dont go to school anymore because i went for my G.E.D. I still dont have a car yet and i got my permit just this year. if you were to look into my room you would see and average room with booksheves, a T.V. and a computer. But i get the feeling that i dont act my age. Sometimes i tell myself that im 19 years old, why am i still doing (Insert thing here). I would love to just put it all behind me but i dont want my life to change. I love hanging out with my friends that are in high school and having them over. Part of me say's to stay with the life but part of me is screaming to grow up. All i do nowadays in go to work and go on my computer. everyone expects me to act my age. Everyone wants me to be like my dad or some crap like that. All i want to do is live my life how i want to..but i fear that will get me nowhere.

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    Don't be to hard on yourself here and don't feel like you're the only one, I myself am in a pretty similar situation to you, 19, still living with parents, out of school, no car and I don't even have a job right now. My advice to you is you have to do what makes you happy, because if you don't, what's even the point of living? Don't take life too seriously and don't be afraid to live a little outside the box, afterall I'd rather be happy than at the top of a career ladder, dedicating my life to a job that I hate. Some people might tell me to grow up, but I've spoken to a lot of people who had no idea what they wanted to do with their lives until they were 30-40, do what you love and try out new things and these things will have a way of working themselves out. I hope you feel better soon.

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    All things considered, you shouldn't feel down on yourself about still living with your parents at age 19/20 in this economy. There are lots of people...whole families even living out of cars right now (Go to 60 Minutes online and watch this Sunday's piece). Anyhow, it sounds like you may just in a rut rather than depressed, perhaps you should consider setting a goal for yourself. You say you go to you have a job, and any job right now is a good one. If living at home is what's getting you down, maybe you should find a place to rent with some of your friends (are any of them still at home too?) You never know, some of your friends may be feeling the same way and may also be looking to make a move. You can still have your life the way you want, but change is a good thing too, don't fear it, embrace it, you'll do fine.

    Good Luck.


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