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    Ok, so I was thinking about starting down hill and other mountain biking rides, but I have no idea on what bike to get. (brand wise) I don't know if anyone has any tips on what to look for. I'm riding in a very rocky and hilly terrain. (that's Nevada for ya!)


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    Hmm... Sadly, I've been out of the MTB scene for five years now, so I can't say what a good rig for your riding would be. What sort of price point are you looking toward, though? That'll help some of the others hopefully find something that'll work for you.

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    Well not alot of help here cause I it the hookup on my bike but most people for down hill in fontucky CA are using all aluminum full suspension probly like 6 in travel in front but I'm not smart I run my hardtail with a cheap front shock fork locked out for both classes

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    Although I do have one, I'm far from an expert in the field of mountain bikes. I spent $500 on my bike. It is a 2009 Rincon made by Giant. The MSRP is still around $540. It is a nice solid mid-level mountain bike. I love the front and read disc brakes. I would recommend disc brakes for many reasons. The two main reasons for disc brakes is: 1) if you ride through water, the disc brakes are less likely to get wet. 2) If you're riding down hill at a high rate of speed a disc break will not build up as much heat because they are close to the hub and therefore not turning as fast. My bike also has heavier gauge stainless steel spokes (painted black) and double walled rims (also painted black) which translates to being able to successfully hold a heavier rider (I'm 260Lbs). It basically all boils down to what you want to use the bike for and how hard you want to ride it while doing your particular sport.
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    My son got a nice Raleigh for around $450., which was a sweet deal. I have a Trek hybrid, 7.5 which cost me around $900., so you can begin to see the price spread. Go to a real bike shop rather than Dick's or heaven forbid, Walmart. Components are important and like dlCherub said, disc brakes are a plus. My son got those on his Raleigh. Almost all the bikes have aluminum frames so don't get a steel frame. Do some research on derailleurs and try to get the best quality for your money. More money buys a better front suspension fork as well.

    I love my hybrid, but I'm beginning to think I should have gotten a mountain bike, living in the foothills of the Shenandoah Mountains. I'd probably get a Trek 6 series, or Specialized or an Eddy Baur. They're higher end, but I'm a working adult who can afford such things.

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    You can't go wrong with any of the major brands, Trek, Specialized, Giant, Gary Fisher, Cannondale. They all make some decent machines. Most important is to get the right size and frame geometry to suit you. A decent bike shop can help you with that.

    Probably the best advice I can give is to find a decent mountain biking forum with a lot of guys/gals who ride in your area. They'll know the best trails, and have a better idea of the appropriate machines to handle them. Where I live, the best one is

    CAMBr - Chicago Area Mountain Bikers

    Here in the flatlands of Illinois, we've got more woods and prairies than mountains and rocks, so a good hardtail is probably our best choice. Where you are, full suspension might be better, which is why I'd suggest finding a forum that caters more to your area. Certainly, for any off road riding, you'll want disc brakes, preferrably hydraulic for good consistent braking power. Beyond that, you'll get better answers from folks who know bikes, rather than folks who know diapers.

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    Well Like most of you I have not had a bike in a while. I think 15 years. But my nephew dont know how to ride. 9 Years old and what I am going to do is Teach him. I also want a bike so we can ride togetther.

    His frist bike going to be cheap. Basicly Learn how to ride a bike. (his dad to fat and lazy to teach him) Then when he get older we both get better bikes. I dont mind riding.

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    I ride a 26r 1x1. I live in the city but there is a good amount of stuff to ride like stair sets, gaps,banks. There are single tracks in the forest preserves in the suburbs too.

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    This is one great sport and so healthy. My dog loves to run with me as I bike. The more the better I say and anywhere.

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