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Thread: Any other thumbsuckers here?

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    Default Any other thumbsuckers here?

    I was recently wondering if there was any one else here that still sucked their thumb or not? I still do sometimes when I am sitting at home or in front of my TV.

    It's an old habit I've had since I was a kid and I don't usually talk about because I am sure not many 35-year-olds still suck their thumbs. My habit is not caused by the AB thing, just something I have one for years and years. I only do it at home and not in front of others.

    Was wondering if I was alone in that or not...


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    ill suck my thumb every so often, but i think it usually happens more when i feeling little. it does just feel nice though

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    I often suck my thumb while sleeping if my binky has fallen out of my mouth

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    Yes, I did so until I was way into my teens, and do so now again. Such a lovely feeling, although I wish I could breathe through my nose more often as it's difficult to sleep breathing through the mouth with a thumb in it.

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    anyone else bothered by their thumbnail when they do this?

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    I used to until I was around 16 or 17. I forced myself to stop before I accepted my ABDLism

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    Always lol

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    I've tried, but my knuckles are really bony, so I have to stick to my pacifier.

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    I suck my thumb when I'm in the right mood and don't have my pacifier. For example I was at my girlfriends this weekend and I was lying down cuddling a plush bear and then I just started sucking my thumb cause I felt soo little, kinda like I had regressed

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