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    Hi there guys!
    Soo... I've been here for a while and just wanted to share my story. Don't know why
    So about 9 months ago someone told me he might like diapers, and might like to wear them sometime. I tried to stay open minded because... I fancied that guy.
    A week or so later we got together. Usually it was quiet on the DL side, but once in a time he got the urgue to try them and looked on the internet for them and so on... but he never dared to.
    About 2 or 3 months ago I realized this wasn't something that would go away... And I realized I either really had to accept it or this relationship would be over.. If I couldn't accept it, I couldn't accept him and that would be our break. That was... hard, since I didn't really know how to suddendly really accept it. I decided to join here and search for advice about this (thanks to the people who were nice enough to help me here, you guys really did help us/me!).
    We decided to give play dates a try... Since my boyfriend hadn't tried anything yet, we had to start... well, at the start. That was real nice since we both could try out and find out what we wanted/could accept...
    After his first play date we found out... I like to be his mom. It feels good to be his mom. And.. well he likes beind a baby, it feels good to be my little baby. I got interested in it too... I mean, I always have been a little girl inside and I got interested in being babied myself too... So I asked him if we could change the roles once. And he wanted to.
    Well to make a big story short... We've done that a few times now, we've ordered and tried out diapers now and although we both had problems with using them, we enjoyed it very much. It's great to have this kind of thing in your relationship, it gives it another dimension. It's your little secret (no pun intended) and it makes the both of you really happy.. it's great to do that to each other!
    I don't know why but I just wanted to share our story... I mean, I never thought something like AB/DL would exist, then I never thought I could really accept his AB/DL-side, then I never thought we could be together with it... And now I even am actively participating, even having my own play dates and really enjoying it.
    And don't get me wrong... I know it will get harder. I know there will come a time that we will come to something that one of us really wants and the other one can't accept... But I know for sure we'll get through that since it's about compromising. It's the keyword for things like this, like I told my boyfriend when he first tried his diaper it would be ok if he messed in them... since it could be a natural response, but I also said I wouldn't really like it and he would have to take care of it himself if he had an accident...
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    well i like to thank you for your help to because you've been (and still are) a great help to me and i wish you and your bf have a realy happy time coming to you

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    That is pretty cool of you to accept him like that, I hope i get to meet a girl as open minded. I think it can work out just like you said, having a 'little secret' between you two can be a really great thing, and i think it is because it is something fun and closely intimate. You probably know your boyfriend much closer than most people ever will.

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    Yes! Our evil plot is working...soon we will convert everyone to be an *B/DL!

    I mean, that's great.

    LOL but really, it's awesome you guys are having a good time with this whole thing. People like you are very hard to come by for us sometimes, so you best remember that! I just know that he must be jumping for joy inside about this too!

    Good luck! We are all here if you need assistance in difficult situations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheVisceral View Post

    Good luck! We are all here if you need assistance in difficult situations.
    I've found that out a few times now - it's great

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    I'll start out with something really stupid...

    "Who's your daddy?"

    I'm glad it's all out in the open now and that we're both totally enjoying ourselves with this.

    Right, so I'll write from first to second person (I/me to you) because 'you' are the OP and it sounds so stupid to talk in third person as if 'you' aren't participating in this topic.


    I remember that time when we were talking and I just had to put it out there. I was a bit afraid of how you'd pick it up but I was relieved you took it like you did. Even though I wasn't sure about what place AB/DL would have in my life, I'd know it would be safe and a little bit accepted. You told me it could take a long time before we could finally try something - but in the end it came way, way sooner than I thought and I'm completely and utterly relieved that is how it happened. Anyhow, I would still feel a bit uneasy though, because it would be 'my thing'. But - it isn't, and that certainly took some weight off my shoulders. I really never could've hoped/dreamed it would turn out like it did. I had read a few stories on here about couples (happily) sharing AB/DL'ism, whether the other is also into it or just enjoying to be part of it. Yeah, I could only hope for that... and I actually got it. We are one of those couples that can share this. Oh, and in what way - we can go as far as switching roles, and having our very own play-date 'program'. We had to find out sometime anyway... and for how it is now - I wouldn't have wanted to miss this

    Like you, you are/behave a little bit like a toddler - you like to play, watch movies, cuddle, etc. whereas I'll be a little bit more 'little' and lie around, cuddle and suckle. You can actually talk a bit, I can only say words. I really like how it took off in different directions for us.
    We like to take either role, the caretaker/parent role and the baby/toddler role. We even tried it overnight which was a whole other thing. I had quite a tough time falling asleep then. You even allowed me to wet. I was glad about that but I still wasn't able to. I was so disappointed! But you had the same thing, which is kinda funny. Hope it'll work out for us both soon enough.

    Well I don't have more to share at this point, might add to this story later!

    Thanks for all the help and support, everybody!

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    Thanks Cozy It's weird to read it like this though:p
    Just wanted to add.. Please don't ever give up. I almost gave up for a lot of times, thinking I couldn't accept it and that that meant the end of our relationship... But we won and now we have something amazing Just don't give up people^^

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    Thats really great. I hope you can keep this happiness going strong it sounds like you really like this guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoofyBenjamin View Post
    Thats really great. I hope you can keep this happiness going strong it sounds like you really like this guy.
    Yeah I really really do
    I do find it funny I first thought it would break us and now every time we have a play date I'm really looking forward to it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmashingHeadphones View Post
    Yeah I really really do
    I do find it funny I first thought it would break us and now every time we have a play date I'm really looking forward to it!
    Thats nice good for you.

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