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Thread: R.I.P. Gary Speed

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    I don't know how many of you on here follow football (soccer for the US), but this morning, Gary Speed, ex-player and Wales manager, died at the age of 42. Just thought I'd make this thread so that I, and anyone else who wants to, can pay their respects to a real gentleman of the Beautiful Game.

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    I know that most people would made a rude comment about his last name but I didn't.
    Also I don't watch football much but all managers are brilliant no matter how bad the team.
    Gary speed

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    I think it was yesterday afternoon actually. It must be very odd for the people who had seen him earlier that day.

    He'd been on TV, and then he was gone. In one day.


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    I'm still more surprised by it rather than anything else. He was live on TV on Saturday afternoon and apparently perfectly happy according to all the others that were in the studio, and then 14 hours later he was found, hanged! Such a shock.

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    He was such a great player an inspiration to a lot of football players especially Craig Bellamy and Shay Given. He will be missed.

    (Trying not spoil it) He died Sunday morning/ Saturday night. Was hung but there were no suspicions that anyone else but him himself had done it.

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