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    So I just got home from breakfast and I was heading upstairs to shower and for some reason my mom yelled to me "come back down after you shower and change yourself". It was the weirdest thing and I did a double take before I realized she actually had no clue about diapers and it was just a coincidence.

    Anyone else have interesting stories where special ABDL words end up getting used in normal conversation and startle you?
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    I had an experience the other day with my mom. While my mom was out side I went ahead and threw out my wet diapers that I had from the previous day under the couch in my room. I double bagged them so nobody could tell what was in the bag. Well as I am walking past my mom she says "it looks like you have baby diapers in there". I just calmly said "nope just old papers and other trash". They weren't baby diapers I was throwing out but instead a mix of depends and walgreens. I often wonder if my mom suspects I wear them. Not that I am farad at all if she or my dad ever found out.

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    Well a little bit less then this... But when only my boyfriend was a (what he thought) DL, we had a conversation with my friends about our upcoming tests and one of them said "I will need all the time I have for this one... So I don't even have time to go to the toilet! I guess I'll just wear a diaper instead" and my boyfriend and I got kinda nervous about that one (think he might have thought I told my friends, which of course I didn't). yeah, that was aaaawkwwarddd....

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    I remember at my old job, my shift was about to end and my office clerk tells me I can go and get changed. I think he meant my clothes of course. Getting out of my work uniform and into my regular clothes.

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    As a parent, I can recall many times when I was asked by my wife to, for instance, "go buy diapers." Very early in my parenthood, I would reflect on these things with some amusement, but that quickly faded. Honestly, I was surprised by how quickly and thoroughly my own interest in diapers became separated from the everyday diapering chores of being a parent--*completely* separated! Nowadays, more than a year after our youngest finished with diapers, the "chore" aspect of diapers has mostly settled into the back of my mind. As a result, if I reach into the rag drawer and pull out an old cloth diaper, there might be a momentary flash of panic or embarrassment. Usually not, though.

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    A little while back i was experiencing "lady time", and i was grouchy. My mom turned to me and said "oh, you poor baby. Put on a fresh diaper and stop whining!" She was being funny of course. But i found it both funny and terribly nerve wracking. I had just got away with buying my first diapers a few weeks prior. My parents are wonderful. They respect my privacy, and NEVER go in my room without my permission. So i know they don't know my secret. It was the strangest thing though. LOL.

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    My father greets me in the kitchen, "We need to talk about something I found in the closet" ... I was ready to "confess" everything. He continues, have you seen your brother's closet? (I knew he was trying to grow marijauna in two of his three closets). I played dumb, and replied "no." My father said, "he's growing, uh, tomato plants... if you see any, kill them."

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