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    Does anyone know if the nhs in the uk provides any products to help with bedwetting and inconvenience. If they do are they ok, or is it better to buy instead. On line i notice i might not have to pay vat on diapers/nappies. Does being a nightly bedwetter seeing a hospital consultant qualify me for this?

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    Might just be me but I get tena slip maxis from my dr though the prescription is for the bed pads but my chemist adjusts the order for me.

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    I think it may be different in England where the usual practice is for the NHS trust locally to have a supply arrangement with a major pharmaceutical or medical supplies company who deliver directly to your door and this way do not have the facility to alter the specification of products supplied to you. Some areas have quite restrictive policies about providing for bed-wetting as they seem to feel the "social impact" of this is less than daytime incontinence. From what I can gather the standard of NHS supplies is usually of about the "Tena" level - so quite good - although actual manufacturers will vary from area to area and you will have little (if any) choice of product. You will also face the possibility of a fairly long wait to get the supply authorized and some people have reported being asked to try other remedies - cathetrisation or a repeated attempt at control through medication - before being granted supplies of disposable diapers.

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    If you are a child and your Dr. prescribes something you'll get it free. I've had desmo a few times for holls, works great but wears off; also pad and bell, rings when you wet, ok if you flood and only have to wake once but I have lots of dribbles, in the end I was so tired I slept through it. I've had NHS disp bedpads, they don't stay in place!
    What are you doing for bedwetting? I sleep on a pee blanket under a nursing duvet and chuck blanket and PJs in the wash every morning.

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    I am an adult who wets his bed. Currently I wear adult all in one diapers/nappies every night. These work well and keep the bed dry, but are expensive. I used to use depends for men and reuse them if i didn't wet at night. However my condition has worsened at present and I wet nearly every night, so I am now using proper nappies not just pull ups. I am also wetting more and the depends had started to leak.

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    Last Easter Mum took me to a care shop to buy me some plastic pants and as far as I can remember, she signed a simple declaration that I am a bedwetter and she didn't pay vat. I don't know what happened with the Minki cloth nappys that she bought by post.

    I have sometimes had pullups at night and recently I've bought some and worn them for fun, but I don't trust them not to leak.

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    Hehe "inconvenience supplies" :-) I'm sure only the incontinent people know how true that really is!

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    4077 is right - if you buy your own incontinence supplies or a relative/friend buys them for you you can get VAT relief at the current rate of 20% - not all pharmacies/chemists will know about this or want to bother with the paperwork - but if you buy on line most companies will have a declaration form somewhere accessible during the order process.

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    the VAT relief relates to purchases under a certain quantity - a fairly generous number as it's intended to discourage traders, so it's not really an issue. however, in practice, it is an issue because there seems to have been a lack of communication between vendors and the vatman, and the vendors, in ignorance, often still request personal details with each purchase for personal use. i've argued the point with vendors previously, but until they're officially 'told' different, they'll continue as they were previously told.
    larger vendors (usually online) tend to have a more up-to-date act as most of them were established online after the change in VAT regs, or they can afford to keep up-to-date.

    from h++p:// pageImport_ShowContent&id=HMCE_CL_000184&propertyT ype=document#P132_10513:

    Eligible incontinence products, for retail sale, are zero-rated on the shelf. In practice, this means that there is no requirement for the customer to provide a written declaration to the retailer confirming they are eligible for VAT relief.

    Supplies of eligible incontinence products over the Internet or by mail order also qualify for VAT relief providing they are made to individuals and not institutions.

    We will expect retailers, Internet and mail order suppliers to have a signed declaration, or other supporting evidence that the supply is to an incontinent individual and not to an institution such as a nursing home, for customers who buy more than:

    200 disposable pads;
    50 washable pads;
    5 collecting devices; or
    10 pairs of waterproof or leak-proof underwear.
    if you read the whole thing, you can see why a small businessperson would be baffled.

    as for getting products for free [from the NHS], there's not much info and Dayannight's earlier post said as much as can be. it'd certainly be easier to just buy direct from the manufacturers (Tena slip maxi being a good choice for absorbancy).
    additionally, garments for extra assurance against leaks (trainer-pants and the like) can be bought from several places.
    the home-n-dry website seems to be down at the moment.

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