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Thread: Obama - Biden '08

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    Default Obama - Biden '08

    Well Obama named his running mate and it's Biden.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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    I don't think this really needs to be in the "mature topics" section, but that's okay.

    I guess I need to do some more homework, because I don't know much about Biden. I was a little disappointed Obama didn't choose Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, although I don't think that would have been the best thing for the commonwealth. Kaine has the same lack of foreign policy experience as Obama, though, so it makes sense that he wasn't chosen.

    Biden seems fine from what little I know of him, but I wonder if/how he's going to get Obama any votes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daria7483 View Post
    I don't think this really needs to be in the "mature topics" section, but that's okay.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mature Topics Description
    This Mature Topics forum is for the discussion of mature topics such as drugs, guns, sex, marriage, rock'n'roll, politics, and other serious stuff.
    This forum contains debates, and discussions of sensitive issues that mean you should be tactful and thoughtful when posting here. It used to be called the Adult Baby forum, but a new forum has been created with that name, so this was renamed back to Mature Topics

    Now to obama's running mate, never really heard of him so i don't care. I don't know how this going to help/hurt his chances of president though.

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    All I really know about him is that he once plagiarised one of Neil Kinnock's speeches a few years ago. Don't know how much of an issue that is in the states as I doubt very many people know who Neil Kinnock is, but it's a silly thing to think you can get away with considering how close Kinnock was with the Democrats at the time.

    It makes sense as a pick though - an old, white guy ticks a few demographic boxes that Obama isn't all that strong in, he's got foreign policy experience, which Obama is always accused of lacking and he's innocuous enough to not detract or distract from the whole Obamamania hope, change and renewal bit. I think the text message reveal is a clever move as well, let's his supporters feel in the loop, involved, valued and all that.

    All in all, a reasonable choice but I doubt it will have a huge influence on the campaign.

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    I don't like it. The only thing positive he brings on is his race. He is a long time senator (I love how Obama introduced him- "He's been changing washington for 30 years") and someone on the left wing of his party. He is Pro-PATRIOT Act, Anti Second Amendment, and generally hurts the Obama campaign, I think.

    If only Bill Richardson was white *sigh*

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    Footed P.J.


    Any reason why you're happy he picked a white person?

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    Is it just me...or do other people see it, too?

    Everytime I see Obama - mind somehow transforms it into Osama bin Laden.

    Weird but true!

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    Who gives a crap what obama or mccain do they both suck ass. Ron Paul the only one that is worthy to become president.

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    He just shot himself in the foot, they are too many Hillery fans out there to piss off, he could have assured his presidency by picking Hillery.

    Well say Hello to your next president John Mc Cain

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