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Thread: Gotta love XP Medical

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    Default Gotta love XP Medical

    Well last night i was down to my last diaper an all. i placed an order to xp medical on tueday by that time i only had about 4 left. an i got the shipping info from them the next day an fedex site said it would not be here until tuesday next week, I woke up this morrning an seen the box on door step I was really shocked to see it there. Guess you can't always go by what the site says heh. but glad it came i am sitting my last diaper as i speak so now i can change after this one is full... I think xp medical is the best site to order from they always get me what i order with in 2 days top.. an they always ship from the michigan place witch is in walker michigan....

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    Yeah XP Medical is great. My orders typically come within 1-2 days from the Holland, MI location.

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    How many places do they have to ship from i thought it was only like 3 or so.. did not know they had more then that...??

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    I have to agree. XPmedical is a wonderful, professional website. I ordered a few sample packs of Abenas and Dry 24/7s and they arrived quickly, discreetly, and cheaply, just as promised. I had no trouble getting them past my parents. Also, I am glad that XPmedical uses the word "diaper" instead of "incontinence fitted absorbent undergarment". It makes it 10 times easier to shop from there that way.

    My only gripe with XPmedical is that their phone lines are often busy, but when I leave a message and a callback number, it is usually answered.

    By the way, Gary Evans, if you are reading this, your website kicks ass! Keep up the great work!

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    They have two that I know of one in CA and another in MI. Usually FedEx tends to over estimate their delivery dates,it only take three days normally to get to me from MI. They're the best supplier I know of!

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    XP is the only place I order from. I agree, they are absolutely top notch.

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    YES!!! that is to bad ^
    I do think I'm lucky though, I live close to the US border so I ship to a parcel depot. I can have my diapers home in about an hour

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    I live 45 minutes south of Edmonton. It's a couple hour drive from calgary to the border then it's 3 or 4 more hours from here to Calgary, well at least that's how my family drives. And the. The closest city to the border is another 2 or 3 hours, so I'm waaaaaaay out of luck on that end.

    They also have a much wider verity of diapers that what I can order from, I think.

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