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    Okay, I'm finally gonna do it! I have been lurking as a guest here for a long time, relieved to find out that my very secret love of diapers isn't abnormal. I am not able to live in diapers, but on rare occasions have had time to experiment with them. This Monday (11/28) will begin a week that I will have for the first time to wear 24/7. I want to begin a thread here to tell about my first experiences and to get all the help, support and advice I can. I am excited, worried, overwhelmed, and happy all at the same time. I hope you'll join me, help me, and experience it with me.


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    Hey that's great, welcome on board, I hope your week is fun! There are quite a few 24/7ers on here and many threads on the topic.

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    I'm in the same boat you are bud! Good to know we are not alone!

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