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Thread: Anyone else think watching people peeing and messing in diapers is boring?

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    Default Anyone else think watching people peeing and messing in diapers is boring?

    So on youtube, there's lots of DL content of people using diapers for there purpose. I enjoy messing and peeing my diapers, but watching other people do it is honestly one of the most boring things ever to me.

    And there's soo many of these boring unoriginal videos out there

    Are there any DLs out there, who are like me and enjoy seeing people wear a diaper and look cute in diapers and not using them all the time?

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    To me sound gross why would want watch something like that.

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    (This probably belongs in the Mature Topics forum)

    You mixed up your answers a little. The poll question is "Do you like ...?" and then you've got "Yes - boring" and "No - I like them," which are actually answers to the question in your subject line, not the poll question. Probably worth fixing, if possible, as you'll never know what the results of the poll mean if you don't.

    Anyway: No, I don't like them. It's not that I find them "boring," per se, but rather a bit creepy.

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    Yes, the poll needs to be reworded please - I nearly clicked on the wrong answer and then decided not to vote. I am not really interested in such videos, especially pooping ones which I find quite disgusting. Watching people (men or women) peeing does nothing for me so I guess I would say that I find those boring. Watching a diaper being filled with pee is somewhat interesting but I don't think it's the movie or the people in it that I find interesting, more so that it triggers the desire for me to be wearing and wetting my own diaper!

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    I just don't know why someone would post video's about what they are doing in there diaper's its like what everyone eles says its just down right creepy an what not.. i dont even know why they are allowed to even post them kinda video's to the site.. I say what happens in your diaper stays in your diaper an off the internet (Video wise) its not to be shared with the world on what your doing in it.
    But i think some just get a kick out of what others have to say about them posting it on youtub an or its there way of geting a turn on b.c they more then likely turn around an watch there own video... creepy yes but thats just how some people are now an days. thats just what i think about it....

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    Men = NO! DO NOT WANT! Keep it.
    Women = Yes, it turns me on, and I like it, but I'll never admit it. (Oops. Too late.)

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    Basically I searched youtube for abdl stuff once or twice and decided never to bother again! So nope, don't like!

    I would vote but as said the questions are broken.

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    don't know about the sicko vids being boring, but the drilling videos are.

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    Since the poll is misworded, I will give my thoughts here. To be honest, I don't really like seeing people shit themselves, but I do like watching people pee their pants or diaper. Such is known as "omorashi" or "omutsu omorashi" (the latter referring to diapers).

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    Sorry I messed up the poll and now I can't change it, ahh!!!!!

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