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Thread: Calling all anime and manga lovers (help wanted)

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    Default Calling all anime and manga lovers (help wanted)

    Im sending in a brand new oneshot into weekly shonen jump, for a contest they have every year. for those that don't know what these things are look below

    Oneshot- an original story told in manga form. it only has a beginning, middle and end. often reffered to as chapter0. some well known series have been published after these onshots. (ex. naruto bleach onepeice)

    weekly shonen jump- A weekly serialized comic (found only in japan) for the enjoyment of children as well as adults worldwide. also responsible for certain publications( bleach, naruto, one peice, yugioh. etc.and known in america as shonen jump
    go to , look at the toolbars on the top scree( near left) click awards, will take you to award description

    I am currently looking for proof readers to discuss there views and opinion of the storytelling. and how well made the story was put together. My only requirements are:

    1. Must read/watch manga/anime, od have knowledge on subject
    2. must be willing to read in traditional japanese format (right to left)
    3. be willing to share there opinions and view on the story.

    the story will be kept in english until final manuscript as to make changes as deemed necessary by myself.
    if interested please reply here.

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    Good to see another manga reader in here... if your looking for someone I read a LOT of manga so I'm pritty well informed about the area and i can no longer read comics anymore as i always try to read it backwards...

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