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    What is Infantilsim?

    Very interesting, unbiased, and informative articles by a therapist who has studied regression, infantilism, borderline personality disorder, and other conditions.

    I'm pretty sure I've been found out, because I found this on my parents' computer. On one hand, I'm nervous, but on the other hand, I'm glad it's not a crazy fetish site or something that would give the wrong idea.

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    I read some of it, and if I recall, Kathi has come up before. Again if I recall correctly, Kathi is not a doctor, nor a psychologist or a licensed therapist. The parts that I read seemed to me that she was going out on several limbs, especially where autistic children are concerned. I'm not sure they relate to us except marginally. I'm not dismissing her work, just questioning it's validity. Perhaps some members with more time to read the entire article, and with more knowledge than I have, will weigh in.

    As for your parents, yes, it sounds like they have discovered something. I hope this works out for you. Good luck.

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