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    Just going to take the lay out for this from the Stickie:

    1) Hello, I'm Pixal. The reason for that name has to do with my occupation.

    2) I came to this site about 2 years ago (maybe) but didn't ever stay on it. Not really sure why. The reason why I am back is to basicly make friends.

    3) I have a pretty routine schedule. Work...thats about it. I don't mind my job at the moment but it isn't what I want to do my whole life. I currently work in a warehouse but I hope to work in Graphics and aniamation soon. Out side of work I enjoy being out side whenever the weather is nice. And nice for me can be anywhere between 75 degrees and 40 degrees. Cloudy rainy days are also a plus in my book. I am also into bike riding. I like playing videogame and reading fantasy books as well. I am a very creative person and hope to expand my career into many of the arts. Music, art, writing, and maybe even acting.

    4) It is really hard to say why I am on this site. I am not in need of support and I am not looking for answers to a bunch of questions. I guess to be honest I am here to make friends as I stated above, even if they are hundreds of miles away from me. I guess also to just voice my openion about stuff as I don't really get to do that a lot in my social life.


    - Pixal

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    Welcome to the site Pixal. If you become involved in the discussions and post a lot, you will make many friends. Involvement is the key. I'm a professional musician and have directed a few plays. I used to play in a band until it became too much. You'll find that there are a lot of people here who have similar interests. Enjoy!

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    Thank you for the reply, I haven't played music since I was in high school band class (graduated in 2006). I played the Alto Saxophone since I was in sixth grade. I still pick it up though here and there and will play it for a day or two. I really want to learn to play the guitar and also learn how to sing as well as continu to practise my saxophone. Though I think I am one of those that unless I have a reason to I won't really play it on a regular basis.

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