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    I am going to see a urologist soon regarding my bedwetting and more recently some leaking during the day. Could anyone tell me what to expect at the meeting and what sort of things they may want to know. Also what sorts of tests may be needed and what do they entail?

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    I started the process recently. There are way more experienced people here then me but considering no one has replied yet, I thought I would share what I've gone through so far.

    For me, they're interested in a few things.

    How long it's been happening for and also the frequency. (How many times a night, day, week etc)

    How much and when I drink for a start. Also what I drink. They also wanted to know about any medications and drugs (which includes cigarettes and alcohol) I could be using.

    A history of physical accidents likes falls, been beaten up, car accidents etc. If I wet the bed as a kid or teen. Family history of diabetes.

    They want to know if there is any pain associated with the wetting. What the colour (any blood?) and Osmolarity - (How concentrated your urine is)

    Other stuff they might want to know could be if you have had any changes in diet. Headaches and blurred vision. Maybe stuff about sweating or your physical endurance.


    I was even asked if I was "abused as a child" - Pretty vague but apparently very relevant.

    If you can think of anything other then what they ask you, regardless how irrelevant it might seem, It could be worth mentioning. They even wanted to know if I was a "giving or receiving gay guy" (Whether or not I was "Anoreceptive")

    As far as tests go they could ask/do a few different things it seems.

    Blood tests. They could want to see how much total fluid is going in and out of your body. They might do scan of your lower abdomen and also your brain. They would probably press around / feel your lower stomach (pants stay on so don't worry). They ask me to go without water over night and have a blood and urine test first thing in morning. They could do types of urodynamics tests (which I'm yet to have).

    This list obviously isn't exhaustive, but I it's just what I've experienced so far. They are generally very considerate and nice people to, so don't feel threatened or worried.

    Hope things go well for you.

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    I was kinda young when they took me to the Urologist so I don't remember much they did but one thing I remember is they inserted a catheter (thats the only thing I know that goes in the front although it could have been something else) and they filled my bladder with water then made me pee in a large measuring bag to see how much my bladder could hold.
    They also took lots of X-rays, I guess they were looking for trauma but I was too little to remember specifics.

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    As the original post was from England my guess is that the meeting with the urologist will probably be more of a chat and perhaps a non-invasive physical examination. On the basis of that meeting tests might be arranged at a later date - including the one where you have a catheter like probe inserted and then after filling you up with fluid tests are carried out using fairly sophisticated flow meters, etc. This sounds off-putting but is not that bad in practice. If you do have this type of test make sure you are well-protected for the journey home as it can often promote excessive urination immediately after you leave the hospital. The urologist may also prescribe drugs or change existing medication.

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    thanks for the info. I will definitely , make sure i have good protection if i need that procedure.

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    The urology centers usually have a standard form for you to fill out on all the details of your incontience problem.
    It becomes the base line on your treatment.
    Watch out for the drugs as they are very expensive and for me never worked.
    The cheapest solution was just a good diaper and always being well paded

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    I went to a urologist for a few years, but don't remember what kind of questions they asked since i've been going since first grade, possibly before. I had some daytime wetting problems, and bedwetting every night that I never outgrew, so I started seeing the urologist, they tested my urine, found nothing wrong, and probably other things, the first thing I vividly remember is having a VCUG, where they stick a catheter into your urethra, put contrast through the catheter, and pretty much look at your bladder and urethra I guess. It turned out I needed to have a valve ablation surgery, which went fine. I had the same problems about a year later (although the bedwetting never stopped) and I had a second VCUG, and had a second valve ablation, and was catheterized for 2 weeks after for some reason. I continued having bedwetting issues and went for yet another VCUG, and it was clean so the "doctor" (if you want to call him that) said there was nothing wrong, we'll just try different pill combinations until we find one that works, and that was the last we saw of him. I followed up after that seeing a specialist in the city, who had me go for a urodynamics test, and an ultrasound. The urodynamics was basically they catheterized you, shoved a rectal sensor up your ass, and put contrast material through the catheter, and they ended up telling me I had bladder instability, he put me on DDAVP, and after two years of taking the DDAVP, we stopped it, and the bedwetting had stopped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by funseeker View Post
    Watch out for the drugs as they are very expensive and for me never worked.
    Most insurance will cover it, and sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. It all depends on the medication, and the condition. It took us 4 different combinations of pills in the trial and error process before we found DDAVP which worked for me.

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