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    If you've ever listened to Billy Joels song, Lullaby (Goodnight My angel..), you'll know what I'm talking about...

    It's a pretty mainstream song, that is an awesome lullaby.

    Does anyone know any other mainstream songs, that make good lullabies ?

    I don't really mean songs that you like to listen to to help you sleep, but rather songs that are sort of like lullaby's... :-)
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    Hmm I don't know. Sometimes I think the melody classifies as lullaby but the lyrics don't. It needs to be a rather calming song to make it a lullaby, right? I used so sing Irish ballads like "Danny Boy" or "Molly Malone" to someone once as lullabies. Dunno in how far these are mainstream songs though...

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    not really mainstream but "i see the moon" is a great lullabye that can be found as a song on youtube ^.^ it calms me right down <3

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