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Thread: Favorite Album of All Time

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    The name of the thread says it all. What is your favoritre album ever written by any artist/band/composer? Not to be confused with the question: "What is the BEST album ever written?" Which one can you listen to over and over and over and not get sick of?

    I guess I'll try to get the ball rolling.

    *Drum Roll*

    Static Age by The Misfits
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    Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles

    i know you were expecting Jonas Brothers but i could never get tired of The Beatles

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    Great picks!

    And Mandy, "A Day in the Life" is one of my favorite songs ever!

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    It between Dookie - Green Day and Nevermind - Nirvana

    I love every freaking song on them plus it old-school too....

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    Quote Originally Posted by arkangelrising View Post
    Great picks!

    And Mandy, "A Day in the Life" is one of my favorite songs ever!
    haha i think I've said this somewhere but the greatest thing to do is eat birthday cake and listen to The Beatles now that is happiness.

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    According to John Lennon, Happiness is a Warm Gun.

    But yes, cake + Beatles = bliss

    And Eddy, I remember my Dad buying me that album when it first came out. I can still remember the way he used to yell at me for playing Longview too loud for fear that my mother might hear the lyrics... though she bought me an Eminem album when he started getting popular. So, I guess you never know with some people.

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    Hmm so many choices its like choosing a son, I cant choose one.
    So here are five, I cant choose just one sorry I love them all eqaully.

    Buckethead And FriendsEnter The ChickenYouTube - Buckethead - Jordan (Live)
    Led Zeplin IVYouTube - Led Zeppelin - Kashmir
    Peter Frampton Comes alive YouTube - Peter Frampton show me the way 1976
    Jimi Hendrix Experience Are you Experienced YouTube - Jimi Hendrix - Stockholm - The Wind Cries Mary (live 1967)
    Pantera Vulgar Display Of PowerYouTube - Pantera-Walk

    BTW yay 200 posts!

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    Im kind of torn between "A fever you cant sweat out", and "Lies for the liars."

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