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Thread: purge is over....back on forums after 2 months....

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    Default purge is over....back on forums after 2 months....

    Last time I was on the forum I trashed all my diapers after only wearing one of them for 5 minutes. Now I am about to buy abena xpluses again. I hope this time I wont feel guilty and trash them all. :/

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    Hey welcome back! Hopefully things to turn out better for you this time. Being a DL is relaxing and fun. =]

    P.S. If you end up purging right away, you should PM me. I'll gladly help you with your trash. LOL xD

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    I used to feel guilty too but Its nothing o be ashamed of my girlfriend even partakes as a mommy and my baby

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    These are feelings that are familiar to a lot of us. For me, it was more often self-loathing for having this bizarre desire in the first place and even worse after acting on it. I didn't throw things away but I'd resist the urges for days, weeks, and months at a time. Despite this resistance, the desire didn't go away and I wasted a lot of energy thinking it was wrong. It's a weird urge, make no bones about it. However, there's nothing intrinsically wrong with something weird. If you can accept this in yourself, there is good that can come from it.

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    Welcome back to the light side !
    The very nature of this "fetish" (I hate that word) is that it is compulsive, and taboo. That lends to taking on a definite obsessive / repulsive characteristic for a lot of people. It's also a very powerful thing that I think is impossible to block off. I went through that sort of thing too, many times when I was younger. Once you begin to gain more acceptance of this aspect of yourself, the binge (obsessive) / purge (repulsive) swing becomes less extreme.

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    If you feel like purging, just box them up and put them away for a while. Purging never works, you will always go back, and regret your losses. As you become more comfortable with yourself, you'll grow out of the "urge to purge". Remember- it might be a bit weird, but you aren't doing anything wrong, and there is nothing wrong with you. Everyone has secret kinks, it's ok!

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